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With the increase in greenhouse gasses and other pollutants that are continuing to contaminate our planet, It is critical that we put more effort into recycling and our trash habits. There are a few companies in Clarksville that will take your recycling for a fee. We have listed the companies, their fees, and their services below. 

  • Waste Management 
    • WM offers three types of residential containers for recycling- a 32 gallon, 64 gallon, and a 96 gallon container. Each container holds a certain amount of trash bags and the website gives a description of how many people each container can serve so that you can know which container best fits your needs. It’s an easy set up, an annual contract is not required for the service, and they offer pickup for larger items such as couches and chairs. If you have a bigger project going on they also offer large dumpster sizes as well as “dumpster in a bag”. They also provide valuable information about the recycling process and the impact it has on the environment. Articles are available titled “recycle right” “recycling 101” and “recycling resources” on their website to ensure the consumer knows the correct process of recycling. For more information about the Waste Management services, select the link below:
  • Bi-county Solid Waste Management
    • Here is the link for Bi-county Solid Waste Management, . They offer a list of items that can and cannot be recycled at their facility. It is unclear if they offer pickup or if it is drop off only. They do however have multiple drop off locations littered around the Montgomery County area. You can find a full list of their drop off locations with days and hours listed here . According to the website, they send you a bill through the mail with multiple payment options. 
  • GFL Environmental 
    • GFL Environmental offers a lot for home collection; waste, recycling, organics & compost, and more. As well as recycling, they offer organics & compost, compactors and more for commercial businesses. Pick-up and drop-off services are also available if needed. There is an in-depth list of the services offered, acceptable and unacceptable recyclables, the proper way to dispose of items and the harm contamination can cause. Unlike a lot of the other recycling trash services offered throughout the county, GFL offers occasional glass recycling although it depends on the type of glass. You can find the list here:  as well as the link to subscribe to their services. 

Unfortunately there are not a ton of options to choose from when considering switching over to  recycling and they’re not exactly the cheapest options either. Understandably so, the services offered by these companies are going to be a little bit more pricey than your regular trash pickup. But it is worth it to save our planet- consider switching to recycling today :)

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