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A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting 14 year old Emily Williams – the soon to be first girl Eagle Scout in Cheatham County Tennessee. Emily has been with the scouts since 2019 for a total of 4 years, this is her final project that she needs to complete before moving on to Eagle Scout status. 

She started a project with the Brewers Chapel Church Cemetery- the church wants to be able to use the space but since the cemetery was old and unmanaged they were scared they would “bump into someone else”. Majority of the cemetery’s records were burned in a previous fire or simply had not been updated since 1987, so a major part of her project was essentially updating the churches files on the cemetery along with trying to identify the old stones and potentially get them remade. 

For this project she reached out to gain the expertise of and aid of a graveyard worker, one of her group leaders mr. Perry, and the Historical Society amongst other things to be able to complete this project. She specifically needed our help with the aerial maps to be able to identify where bodies may have been buried based on the depression levels in the land, whether or not there was a headstone present. If it looked like there were no depression levels then there was no body, and the opposite for if there was a body.

Throughout the process of this project she was able to expand on her leadership and project management skills while simultaneously building her networking connections. We were continuously impressed by this young lady’s persistence and dedication to complete this project and are amazed at the progress and growth she made along the way. 

If you are interested in seeing Emily’s project you can check it out on her groups Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/groups/ScoutsBSATroop21Clarksville 

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