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Preparing for college life can be a difficult process. Adjusting to anything is hard, but college really takes the cake. Here are our three big favorite  ways to make the adjustment just a little bit easier :) 

  • Go to class-
    • People work best when sticking to a routine. Creating a routine can improve how you sleep, reduce anxiety, boost cognitive function, and has the ability to aid our general mental health as well! Going to class and establishing a healthy routine will benefit you greatly, it’s best to self-evaluate and know your habits before drafting up a routine schedule. Try and make one that you are most likely to stick to. Don’t forget to be patient, it takes about 3-4 days for a routine to develop and stick so allow yourself to make mistakes, and allow room for adjustments to be made to your routine in the draft. 
  • Eat your fruits and vegetables- 
    • This one sounds cliché, we know, but eating your fruits and vegetables helps you out more than you think! You gain a ton of needed vitamins when you eat healthy. Establishing a healthy diet and lifestyle can help you retain your memories better, improve your mood, and increase your focus. 
  • Practice good Stress and Time Management-
    • College adds on a ton of stress, so developing a good time and stress management style will help you excel! There are tons of ways to go about developing these skills! 
      • Learn to say “no” to tasks that you don’t have time for or that you feel pressured to do. This will give you time to prioritize prior responsibilities.
      • Organize a realistic schedule. Having a set schedule will better help you manage what free time you have in the day for other tasks and will keep you on track with your day-to-day business. 
      • Create a daily To -Do List! This will help you prioritize the things you need to get done throughout your day. As well as reducing stress and anxiety as you have all of the things that you need to get done written down. 
      • Try and eliminate stress inducing and procrastination habits. Silencing your phone, putting a lock on time-wasting apps, and downloading focus apps are great ways to break out of the procrastination habit and reduce your time-management stress levels. Here is a list of the Best 12 Focus Apps, let us know how they worked for you! 

Try out these tips and tricks in the first few weeks of your upcoming school semester and let us know how things go! If they work or if they don’t work, let us know! 

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