While we don’t always have paid positions open, we are always happy to provide resources and guidance for student volunteers in a number of different fields.

The GIS Center welcomes student volunteers with from any major. Volunteering at the GIS Center will allow students to build their resume and real-world work experience. Volunteers have the opportunity to choose to do computer programming, work in the VR lab, work with drones, or use GIS.

The GIS Center can provide access to many prohibitively expensive software packages and technologies for students to explore. We always have a number of interesting and innovative projects in progress, and we’re always excited to collaborate with students and provide resources for their research ideas.

If you are interested in volunteering or have a great idea for a project that you don’t have the resources or knowledge to complete, please contact Mike Wilson at wilsonm@apsu.edu. If you contact Mike via email, please identify what you are interested in volunteering for.

Interested in working for us? To check for any current open positions, please visit Jobs4Govs and sign-in using your Onestop login. Use the search keyword “GIS” to check for openings.

Jobs4Govs: https://www.apsu.edu/careers/jobs4govs.php