Independence day: The Importance and How to Celebrate

At the end of a very long eight years of battle between Britain and the United States of America, America was able to declare its independence. It was on July 4th, 1776 that the written Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress, marking America’s day of independence. The Declaration of Independence was written by a committee led by Thomas Jefferson and was signed by people from all thirteen colonies. The declaration essentially stated that the American colonies were tired of being ruled by Great Britain and that they wanted to become their own country. 

Now that you know some of the history, let’s get into how to celebrate this amazing holiday! 

  • Fireworks!
    • People have been using fireworks to celebrate holidays for generations, and there is no better time in America to see fireworks than on the 4th of July. There are options of places to go to that are hosting events with fireworks and there is the option of purchasing your favorite fireworks and shooting them off at home, just proceed with caution as obviously the majority of fireworks are dangerous. Mid-June is when you can start to see firework tents pop up in your local area.
  • Family and Friend Get-Togethers 
    • What is a better way to celebrate a holiday than with your loved ones? There are a ton of ways to get your family involved in the 4th of July holiday antics. Popular ways to celebrate include hosting a backyard cookout, family outdoor games like baseball and football, and even indoor games like Uno and poker. Spending time with family members on holidays like this is always a win win, you get to spend time with loved ones and have someone to enjoy the holiday with! 
  • Events 
    •  The first few days of July in Clarksville are filled to the brim with fun activities for all age groups! Look out for Downtown@Sundown taking place at Downtown Commons on July 1st, there you can find Absolute Queen( a queen tribute band) playing and tons of food vendors. Next up is the Independence Day Celebration taking place on July 3rd at Liberty Park. The Independence Day Celebration is an annual trend for most locals here in Clarksville. There you can be a part of the live music as part of Liberty Parks Live Concert series, family-friendly activities, and great food from the vendors all followed up by the spectacular Clarksville Fireworks show. You can find more information about this Clarksville event and others here Summer Fun Guide 2022: Coming up in Clarksville  
  • Annual Shows 
    • For those that don’t care for setting off your own fireworks or leaving to go and see some, you can tune into Macy’s Fireworks television show. Macy’s hosts an annual television program for those at home so that they can still partake in the festivities of the holiday. With the program you are guaranteed to see a range of performances from various artists performing in NYC being followed up with a spectacular show of pyrotechnics. You can find a countdown of when the program will air here Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks  

There are tons of ways to celebrate this fun and bright holiday, let us know how you chose to celebrate! Keep us in the loop and be sure to tag us @apsugiscenter. 

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