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Greetings to ESRI users and enthusiasts alike, managing and extracting answers from data no matter how big or small can be a challenging task. So having a few tips and tricks near you when using ESRI software can be helpful whether you’re a rookie or a pro.

  • Save often!

The first and most important tip is to make sure to save and save often. Crashes can happen out of nowhere and I’m sure no one wants to have to redo work they have already done. Save yourself the trouble and frustration and hit that little save button every now and again. ArcGIS is almost purely known for crashing, so it most certainly is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your data work. 

  • Use a Definition Query

Another tip that is useful is using a definition query. This can help anyone by using a shapefile which stores the geometric location and attribute information of geographic features. This will save you time and effort when exporting the shapefile because if brings you the features that you need rather than you having to bring everything then delete the ones that you didn’t need. 

  • Personalize Your Toolbar

Having a personalized toolbar is great because it makes using ESRI software just a little bit easier. Going back and forth looking for the tool that you need can be such a hassle, taking a little time to personalize your toolbar can lessen your frustrations with your projects. You would already have all of your favorite tools in one spot as soon as you open the software, who doesn’t want that? 

Adding/ deleting or simply just making adjustments to your toolbar shouldn’t take too terribly long. The process of personalizing your tool bar is simple; all you need is to drag the tool you want to add and place it in the upper toolbar and it’ll stay there! Could not be easier. This is incredibly handy if you are a quick worker and want to lessen the time it takes for you to find your most commonly used/ favorite tools.   

  • Find and Replace

Interestingly ESRI software ArcMap has one tool that is the same as Excel’s which is the find and replace tool. Most ESRI users don’t know about this tool, but it allows you to search and replace text or values in an attribute table. To use this function the editing mode needs to be turned on first, then you’re all set to find and replace!  

Losing information and not being able to find the specific tool you’re looking for can be incredibly frustrating, hopefully this blog gives you some tips and tricks to help lighten your frustrations when working with ESRI equipment. If you already know these tips and tricks and are looking for more, look no further! Here is a list with a few more ArcMap Tips and Tricks 

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