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Before you can join a professional team for a sport, you must try out. During try-outs, it gives the coaches a chance to see what you are capable of and if you are a good fit for the team’s personnel. Interviewing for a job, in a lot of ways, is the same thing. Just like trying out for a sports team, you can’t just show up to an interview unprepared. There is a lot that goes into preparing for an interview. You have to remember, not only are you taking time out of your day for it, so is the person who is interviewing you. It would be in your best interest to make sure the interview runs smoothly, and that you are fully prepared before you sit down. 

It is crucial to know the company that you are applying for. Make sure you research the roles and history of the job so you can know for certain that it is a fit. You also want to have basic knowledge in the event the interviewer asks you a question that pertains to the history of the company. Practicing your answers to common interview questions is helpful in preparing you as well. Sample interview questions are available everywhere online. Click this link below for a few:

A tip that you will always hear from employers when arriving for an interview is to arrive early. Sounds like common sense right? Surprisingly, a lot of job candidates never even make it to the first interview. Now, life happens. There are things that are out of our control and sometimes we can’t make it to committed appointments. The responsible thing to do is to call the job and inform them of the circumstances and ask for a later date. First impressions matter. Make sure you are dressed professionally. This doesn’t always mean suit and tie, but you want to wear something that is appropriate and looks representative. Be sure to look out for our “How to Dress For an Interview Blog” on May 24th, 2022. When you arrive at the interview, make sure you give the interviewer a firm handshake. 

Interviewers love answering questions from job candidates. Compose a small list of questions to ask the interviewer. Make sure the questions pertain to the job. For a list of sample questions to ask an interviewer, click this link:

Being nervous for an interview is normal. Everyone goes through it at some point. Remember, the person interviewing you was once in your position before. Always remain true to yourself and authentic. Don’t try to pretend to be who you aren’t during an interview. Employers can see right through it.

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