How To Dress For An Interview

Getting that phone call to come in for an interview for any job can be nerve-racking. You can be full of butterflies, excitement, anxiousness, and a little bit of nausea all at the same time, and then out of nowhere, you ask yourself, “What should I wear?”. Just like you would for a date, you should put some thought into your outfit ahead of time before your interview. There are some outfits that are appropriate and many that are not for an interview.

When deciding on an outfit to wear, always keep in mind that you are dressing to impress. First impressions matter. If you show up in baggy jeans and a ripped t-shirt, the interviewer will feel like you did not put any effort into the interview and would likely not hire you. Generally, it is appropriate to wear professional business attire or casual business attire clothing during an interview. Examples for the two clothes would slightly differ between males and women but are generally the same. 

If a male were to wear professional business attire, you could expect a solid color suit and tie with professional shoes. A female would wear a solid-colored blazer and professional pants with moderate shoes. For business casual attire, a male would wear a polo or collared knit shirt, khakis or dress pants, and leather shoes. The attire would be the same for a woman, with the option of a professional skirt. You can reference the photos above for a visual example, and for more detailed information of what to wear and what not to wear you can visit Business Casual Attire  .

If you have an interview coming up, be sure to check out our Interview Tips blog posted May 17th for tips, tricks, and sample questions. Good luck! 

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