ArcGIS Python Resources

As ESRI has released updated versions of ArcGIS, python has played a more prominent roll.  Python is particularly powerful for process automation.  In the current release of ArcGIS 10.x, python can be used to print and export maps as well as create services.  Here is a list of links to various site regarding using python in ArcGIS 10.x:

What is ArcPy? – Summary of ArcPy in ArcGIS 10 from ESRI

Introducing the ArcPy.Mapping Module in ArcGIS 10 – Ongoing series of post about ArcGIS 10 python scripting

Python Script to Monitor Shapefiles – Example script for use in shops that use both ArcSDE and shapefiles for data management

Using Python in ArcGIS 10 – Recorded ESRI seminar from May 2010

Free E-Learning Module on GeoChalkboard – Seminar on GeoChalkboard created by GeoSpatial Traing Services

Python Scripting for Map Automation in ArcGIS 10 – PDF of Presentation at ESRI Developers Summit March 2010 (PDF)