Welcome Back GOVS!!!

Everyone here at the GIS Center has been in your shoes before, so we decided to help! We have gathered helpful links that can help you adjust to college life a little easier.

  • Housing: Living on campus can make things a little easier. Need quick access to the move-in guide? Or maybe you want to reach dining services or learn how to apply for housing. The link Housing/ Residence Life & Dining Services at APSU is everything housing related.
  • Dining: Do you like iced coffee or a quick bite to eat? Check out on campus dining such as: Starbucks, Subway, Einstein’s Bros. Bagels, Papa Johns, Chick-Fil-A and more, all on campus! Check out the link Dining Services for information. If you like to cook there is a food pantry on campus for students. They offer volunteer hours, clothes for job interviews, food and toiletry products. Their page can be found by clicking here SOS Food Pantry.
  • Safety: Safety for our students is really important. The Campus Alerts link brings you to the campus policies’ page. There you can also find information for parking, campus transportation, inclement weather protocols, and information on how to download and use RAVE, a campus alert system.
  • Greek Life: Are you interested in joining a fraternity or a sorority? Check out Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, there you will find information on how to join, networking options, scholarship opportunities and more.
  • Student Life: Looking for fun on campus events like First Friday, Family Weekend, and Peaynk Week? With this link (Student Life and Engagement) you can find all of the events, resource centers, student organizations information, forms and resources that you could need. You can also find more events and club information by staying up to date with the campus peay link Explore – PeayLink.
  • University Recreation: Trying to find a fun way to exercise and meet new people on campus? Look into the Recreation Empowerment Course at the Foy. The Foy offers tons of fun fitness classes, outdoor recreational activities, and sports clubs, almost all of them free to students. Use the University Recreation link to check out these cool opportunities.

Available Services

  • Health and Counseling Services: Getting sick happens, and for when it does you have the Boyd Health Center to help make you feel better. They offer almost anything that a regular doctor’s office does ( immunizations, checkups, etc.) as well as Covid testing at the rear entrance of the building. They also provide mental health services such as online mental health screenings, one-on-one counseling sessions, and group counseling sessions. The appointment availability and eligibility can be found using this link Health and Counseling.
  • Academic Support: There are a lot of things that new and returning college students have in common and that is struggling with academics, that is why APSU offers academic support. With the Tutoring link you can find tutoring availability for supported courses. There you can also find the sublink to schedule an appointment with the writing center and the learning resource center for help with assignments and essay help.
  • Career Services: Along with academic support, APSU offers Career Services. A job site for students and alumni, where you can apply for on-campus and off-campus positions. You have the ability to submit your resume onto the website so it can help you find jobs better suited to you and also have the ability to connect it to your APSU email to receive immediate updates on new job postings and responses to the ones you applied for.

There are a million more services and events that can be found at APSU. Here are a few in addition to the ones above:

  • If you are looking to print something more than the standard black and white print, the Felix Woodward Library here offers color printing services link Printing for designing and ordering your color print
  • Want to learn about 3D printing, drone flying, laser engraving, vinyl work or GIS technology in general? You should check out the multitude of services offered at the GIS Center on campus! Here is the link APSU GIS Center to the GIS home page.
  • The Brightspace Pulse app is a free great way to keep up to date with your assignments and classes. Get reminders about upcoming assignments, grade notifications, and replies from professors. The app looks like this. Here are the links to the app stores Google Play and Apple.

College life can quickly become overwhelming and stressful but with these tips you will have the resources you need to survive the semester! If you have any other tips, tricks or advice for future govs please submit them through one of our social media websites!

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