Finding fun new things to do in Clarksville can be a tough thing to do. Here at the GIS Center we have gathered our favorite Clarksville activities for you to try out!

Starting off with free and fun we have hiking! We love to immerse ourselves in the outdoors, here are a few of our favorite hiking trails and parks to visit in Clarksville. 

Free Options: 

  • If you are into hiking or just want a break from city life then you will be pleased to know that there are a ton of nature walk/ hike options here in Clarksville. We ranked them in order of difficulty 
  • Clarksville Greenway- Difficulty Level : Easy 
    • The Clarksville Greenway is a fully paved walkway through nature. There you can bicycle and skate as well as the typical walk, jog, and run. The Greenway has multiple entrances located at Pollard Road, Mary’s Oak Drive Park in designated areas, and Heritage Park which has the most parking. It is part of the Rails to Trails initiative, where old abandoned railroads are being transformed into walking trails. The address is 1101 Pollard Rd, Clarksville, TN 37042 and more information can be found on the website Clarksville Greenway 
  • Heritage Park- Difficulty level: Easy 
    • Some of the highlights of Heritage Park are the splash pad, walking trails, and the dog parks but Heritage has so much more to it. Starting May 28th every other Saturday they put on an outdoor movie for the public. There is something there for everyone to enjoy. Here is the link Heritage Park Complex to the website to explore all of the amenities and options offered to the public, some of them require either a membership or a day fee. 
  • Dunbar Cave – Difficulty Level : Moderate to Difficult 
    • There you will find three different trails you can take, all varying on levels of difficulty. There you can find beautiful water views and wildlife. The park can be found at 401 Old Dunbar Cave Rd, Clarksville, TN 37043 and a link to the official website can be found here Dunbar Cave State Park
  • Rotary Park – Difficulty Level: Moderate (With Exercise Equipment)  
    • Rotary park has a lot to offer, a golf course, multitude of hiking trails, 2 playground areas, an outdoor exercise area and more. They even offer rentals for parts of the area. It’s a beautiful park with a lot to offer? Here’s more information on their website Rotary Park.
  • Fort Defiance – Difficulty Level : Moderate 
    • If you are looking for more of a historic scenic walk you should look into Fort Defiance. They host tours year round as well as other events that are posted on their website. The entrance to the park can be found here 120 Duncan Street, Clarksville, TN 37040 and more information such as hours and days of operation can be found on their website here Fort Defiance Civil War Park & Interpretive Center 
  • There are a multitude of parks to explore here in Clarksville, using this link Clarksville Parks and Recreation  you can find a list of all of the parks along with an updated list of any events that they are hosting. 

If you are looking for a less exerting activity- 

  • Downtown Artists Co-Op
    •  A free art gallery open to the public for viewing in downtown Clarksville. They regularly update their website Downtown Artists Co-op  on the times and dates for their rotating exhibition showings. Makes for a great afternoon event. 
  • Revel house Tuesdays Revel House off of College Street 
    • On Tuesday nights Revel House hosts an open mic night, a great way to witness the talent of Clarksville for free. They host other random events every Saturday as well as a few scattered throughout the month. You can keep up with the events by following their Facebook page Revel House Pub & Eatery 
  • Strawberry alley 
    • Strawberry Alley’s Upstairs area hosts events throughout the week such as Science on Tap, Birds and Brews, and Trivia night. Events are subject to change so keep up with their website Upstairs — Strawberry Alley Ale Works  or other social media pages for new events.
  • Virtual Tours

Cheap Options:

Unfortunately not everything fun in Clarksville is free, here are a few of our low budget friendly things to do. 

  • Customs House Museum and Cultural Center- 
    • Here you can find regularly changing exhibitions as well as their permanent ones that continue to wow the viewer. Full of interactive exhibits for all ages to enjoy. 
  • Movie Theaters
    • If you are looking for something to do that’s a little bit more relaxing, you can become a stubs member and have access to  $5 movie Tuesdays at the local AMC theater. 

Pricey but worth it 

  • D&D Blacklight Minigolf 
    • This one’s a bit on the more pricey side of things to do but it makes up for it by  being an awesome way to hang out with friends and family. There are multiple options offered for all age groups for relatively reasonable prices 
  • The City Forum
    • This is also a great option for minigolf, with the addition of Go-Karts, bowling, laser- tag and much more! This is one of Clarksville’s most popular attractions and it makes sense why.