Jack Kauphusman, GIS Center alumnus, first started working with the center in 2019. Since then, he’s gone on to graduate from APSU and work as a biologist in Arizona.

“From my network with the Biology Department, I was recommended to go meet with Mike Wilson and Doug Catellier about a summer job mapping sidewalk for ADA compliance for Montgomery County. I told them I had experience using the ESRI GIS field apps from my summer internship with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, so they made me a lead for the project in the summer of 2019.”

While with the center, Jack enjoyed several leadership opportunities- including the Wetlands Project.

“My favorite project with the GIS-Center was of course being the lead Graduate Research Assistant for the Ft. Campbell Wetlands project. What I loved about this project was that both Mike and Doug allowed me the ability to fully design and implement the field collection for the project and to oversee the field collection team to complete the summer collection.”

During his time at the center, Jack gained valuable experience.

“I was able to learn the Federal regulations regarding wetland protection under the CWA sect 404, how to field delineate wetlands, and implement field techniques to be collected in ESRI GIS applications.”

While at the center, Jack enjoyed the work environment- particularly the mentorship provided by Director Mike Wilson and Project Manager Doug Catallier

“The work environment was excellent, both Mike and Doug provide tons of guidance and support for the projects that run under the GIS-Center. They allow you the space to be creative, provide obtainable goals, and give you real work experience.”

Jack took this experience and more with him beyond APSU.

“In addition to getting my M.S. in Biology at APSU, it was the experiences with GIS and the wetland project I learned with the GIS-Center that gave me the sought after skills to land me my dream job working as a Biologist for a top tier consulting firm in Arizona.”

Today, Jack is enjoying life in Arizona as a biologist.

“I started working for an environmental consulting firm in Tempe, Arizona known as Logan Simpson. My position is a Biologist, where I work in Endangered species and wetland resource consultation for energy and industrial projects within Arizona and Nevada.”